28 | I Really Don’t Want To Work Tho | Elyse Y. Robinson


We’re back with Season 2! An update on what’s been going on and what’s to come in the future.

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Clock Out and Chill
Work? Nah, Let’s Talk About Anything Else
The Work-Free Zone Podcast

Show Notes

Speaker 1: Hey, all. It’s Elyse Robinson with the Nobody Wants to Work, though podcast. We are in season two, and I’m super excited because we’re on season two, right? I’m making this song, Martin Luther King’s birthday, During 15th. I will get my newsletter back up and running again. I know everything stopped abruptly, but I had a A lot of changes going on in my life. I think the last episode came out in May, May 2023, right? In between there, I mean, I moved back from Mexico, back to the States because I got a good ass job and work remote, working on my retirement, all that stuff. I figured I set myself myself up nicely in Mexico. So when I do retire, it was time for me to come back to the States and build my life here. So I can go back and forth easily. So I can go back and forth easily when I get old, right? So, yeah, in between May and now, like I said, I got a good ass job. I remote. I’m not in tech anymore, but as you all know, the tech industry imploded. So I gave up on that and went back to my first career, which was accounting.

Speaker 1: So now I am an accountant. What else? I’m not in Houston anymore. I moved to another state because I wanted to be a landlord, so I’m getting into real estate. And I have to say this is probably the best deal of my freaking life. Well, actually, no. I guess the property that I have in Mexico was a good deal, too. But this one, this one is ridiculously good. So I have a multifamily now. And like I said, I’m a freaking landlord. So for the past, In the last couple of months, I’ve been getting my property ready so I can rent it out. And basically, have someone else pay my living expenses, which is nice, right? Yeah, that’s pretty much it. My job is cool. I’m learning a lot. I’m still debating if I want to my CPA license or not because they will pay for it, so why not? But yeah, I look here and there for IT work. But like I said, it’s dried up, and I ain’t got time to be going through six interviews to get a job. So I gave up on that. My eye is itchy. Outside of that, I really got nothing else for you all.

Speaker 1: It’s been an exciting adventure these past couple of months, buying a house and moving So I went to my huge ass house. I fucking love it. It’s almost a century old home. It’s beautiful. It’s very beautiful. So, yeah, I’m super excited about that, and I guess, getting my first tenant. I guess more so I wanted to do temporary housing because I don’t necessarily care to have someone in here all the time. So when I don’t feel like being bothered, I only got a couple of days for you to get your ass out, right? And then I could just leave it empty. So I’m going to mark it to, I I guess, foreigners. A lot of times I got this huge map, and it comes with these pushpins on it. And so I said, when someone comes from another country, they can push pin where they come from and stuff, and it’ll be super exciting and cute. But other than that, I’m pretty much almost done furnishing it. I want to change out the sink because the last owner got one of those vanities in there, and it’s not glued down or anything. So if you keep putting water behind there, it’s going to grow mold.

Speaker 1: So I’m going to replace the sink and caulk some stuff, and that’s pretty much it on this. And then I can post it up February and hopefully rent it out for a good price because everything would be included, so I could charge a lot of money. So, yeah, there is that. Yeah, I ain’t really got nothing else for you all outside of that, outside of all these crazy life changes. But I am rolling with the punches and enjoying them like hell. Super, super excited about the future. That’s for sure. And with that said, I already filmed the next episode or recorded, whatever you want to call it. So that will be posted this week of the 15th, the week after. I guess I got to start getting more people because I really don’t have anyone else at this point. But usually, it doesn’t take me that long to get other people, but I better quit pussy-footing around and get on that and start reaching out to people because otherwise, I won’t have an episode episode every week. But yeah, the next person is a doctor. He is a doctor of education, not a doctor doctor.

Speaker 1: And he is a sponsored guest, and he’s talking about education of science. So yeah, stay tuned. I’m going to start putting out a an episode every week along with the newsletter. And I hope you guys enjoy it and go from there.